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Whether you are deploying and hosting static web application, a single-page web app, a landing page, a multi-tier application, an e-commerce website, non-profit or governmental organization website, get an SSD-backed hosting with no hidden costs, no setup fees, no ads, and no restrictive terms for hosting your content.

The most important difference between our web hosting plans is the storage space, monthly Outbound (egress) Bandwidth, CPU core & memory available.





Domain Hosted110Unlimited
CPU - Processor11.52
RAM - Memory1 GB1.5 GB2 GB
NVMe SSD Storage5 GB240 GBUnlimited
Monthly Outbound (egress) Bandwidth1 GB120 GBUnlimited
Hardened Linux OS
Worldwide Data-centers
HTTP/2 Performance Benefits
Secure SSL/TLS Hosting
Carbon-FREE Green Hosting
Optimized Performance
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Git Automation & Gitweb
Drag & Drop Website Builder
Install Custom PHP Modules
PHP Version Selector
Host OLD PHP Version
MultiPHP Manager/Editor
RubyGems & Ruby on Rails
Install Perl Modules
Phusion Passenger Application Server
WordPress Toolkit for cPanel
Error Pages & Cron Jobs
Apache Handlers & MIME Types
Custom Error Pages
View CPU & Concurrent Connection Usage
Website Statistics Analyzer
Transparent Bandwidth Usage Information
View Recent Website Visitors
Tenant Isolation with ProxyExec
Two-Factor Authentication
Strong Password Generator
Data Encryption in Transit & At Rest
IP Blocker & BlackListing
Directory & Website Privacy
In-browser SSH Terminal
Distributed Threat Intelligence
DoS (denial of service) Protection
Real-Time Malware Scanner
Real-time Antivirus Protection
Automatic Malware Clean-up
OSSEC Active Response Firewall
Web Application Firewall
Enhanced PHP Security Layer
Malicious PHP Script Detection
Domain Reputation
Create, List & Revoke API Tokens
Hotlink Protection
Create & Manage cPanel Security Policy
Intrusion Prevention and Detection System
Backup & Restore Home Directory
Backup & Restore Databases
Backup & Restore Database Users
Backup & Restore Email Accounts
Backup & Restore FTP Accounts
Backup & Restore DNS Zones
Backup & Restore SSL Certificates
Create & Download Encrypted Backups
Branded Email Accounts Hosting
ALL Devices Email Access
Roundcube Webmail
Horde Webmail
Mail Spam Filters
Email AutoResponders
Email Account Forwarders
Email Delivery Report
SpamAssassin & BoxTrapper
Calendars and Contacts
Advanced Productivity Tools
Email Authentication via OpenID Connect
Automatic Mail Client Configuration Scripts
Email GnuPG Encryption
Advanced DNS Zone Editor
PTR Resource Record (rDNS)
Dynamic DNS Support
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Support
DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) Support
DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) Support
DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) Support
Customize WordPress Installation
Manage WordPress Installations
WordPress Website Dashboard
1-Click WordPress Admin Login
Change WordPress Admin Password via UI
Change WordPress DB Password via UI
Open WordPress DB in phpMyAdmin via UI
Restore WordPress Backups
WordPress Manual Updates
Single Site Auto Updates
WordPress Search Engine Indexing Management
WordPress Automatic Hardening
1-Click WordPress Password Protection
1-Click WordPress Maintenance Mode
1-Click WordPress Debug Management
WordPress Plugin and Theme Sets Installation
WordPress Plugin and Theme Sets Management
WordPress Cloning
WordPress Staging
1-Click WordPress Hardening
WordPress Mass Hardening
WordPress Mass Updates
WordPress Security Update Rollback
WordPress Smart Updates
Scalable From Day One
Predictable Pricing Model
Broad Platform Support
Enterprise Web Hosting Support
99.999% Uptime SLA Guarantee
English & Japanese Support
Unmatched 24/7 Support
Hosting Plan Pricing$1.33 (annual billing)AdaptiveStarter - $5.00AdaptivePro - $9.99

indicate web hosting feature exclusively found with our HardenedPHP web hosting plans. If you want to install custom PHP modules or host older versions of PHP (e.g. PHP 5.6 to the latest version), you can do so by clicking the HardenedPHP Plans button. If you are not sure, please ask our sales department for assistance.

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