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Migrating servers and hosting accounts from a server to a new one can be a pain in the ass. Let the Web Hosting Magic Migration Team help you get that done. If you're migrating from another cPanel account, we can provide you a free server migration service with minimal downtime.

Server Migration Requirements

For a successful migration process, your servers must meet the following requirements:

  • a hosting account or Linux source server with either cPanel or Plesk.
  • root-level or cPanel-access to the source machine.
  • access & credentials to port 2087 and/or port 2083 if migrating just a cPanel account.

1. Submit A Migration Request

To migrate your server, perform the following steps:

Submit a support ticket with the following subject:

Migration: $Name: $serverHostname or Domain
  • $Name represents your name or company's name
  • $serverHostname represents the hostname of the server or cPanel domain

2: Initial Migration Evaluation

Our migration specialist will evaluate the source server to determine whether we can migrate its contents successfully.

The specialist will analyze the following items:

  • available disk space vs. the amount of data that will move
  • operating system version
  • system software versions
  • database management system versions
  • available RAM
  • average CPU usage
  • network connection between the source and target servers
  • and whether the source server uses remote services or data.

Please note we only transfer data from the source server; we do not transfer remote databases or data from other remote services.

3. Customized Migration Plan

Our migration specialist will generate a customized plan for the migration based on the size and quantity of sites that you plan to migrate.

4. Migration Scheduling

In order to provide the highest level of service, we schedule migrations in advance.

In your migration plan, our migration specialist will indicate available time windows in which they can begin the transfer.

Due to network, hardware, and other variables outside of our specialist's control, they can only estimate the duration of your migration.

4. Migration Progress Updates

We provide a migration hot-line that you can call for your migration status: (706) 403-2045

You can also submita ticket or reach us through any of the channels you see on our web site's footer.

5. DNS Switchover Coordination

Your DNS records will point at the original server until we complete and verify the transfer.

Since we do make DNS changes for you, we advise you on how to make these changes.

The recommended practice is to:

  1. reduce TTL (Time to live) to 300 seconds or thereabout 24-48 hrs to theDNS switch-over.
    TTL is a numerical value that determines how long a DNS cache server can serve a DNS record before reaching out to the authoritative DNS server and getting a new copy of the record.
  2. check for DNS propagation. You can use either Leaf DNS or DNS Propagation Checkeror DNSChecker
  3. change A records, name servers and other DNS records to point to the new server once the changes to the DNS record has properly propagated across the global.
  4. check your DNS changes.

    After you update the name-server records to use your new server, we recommend that you verify the DNS configuration. Use the ping command at the command line of any server to confirm that each domain resolves to the correct IP address, as the following example demonstrates:

    ping -c 5 domain_name.net

    If the command returns the IP address of your new server, you have correctly migrated the DNS of the domain. If the command returns the old IP address, the DNS requires more time to propagate, which means that the updated data has not reached your location yet.

You can verify the DNS settings with external tools. Use the following websites to troubleshoot DNSissues:

6. Migration Verification

After our migration specialists have completed your migration, they will confirm your satisfaction with the process.

7. Post Migration Actions

After we complete your migration, verify that each website successfully migrated before you change the DNS records to point to the new server.

We can help you resolve these common post migration issues:

  • File permissions.
  • .htaccess file configuration.
  • Absolute link configuration.

You can use the following method to review the migrated websites in a browser:

For sites that you cannot review with the temporary URL, you can configure your local computer with the IP address of the new server.

Modify your computer's hosts file to use the domain and IP address of the destination server.

After you make this change, you can browse to your website normally without any special URLs.

  • Follow all of the steps listed in How to Modify Your Hosts File documentation.
  • After you complete your tests, restore your hosts file to its original state.
  • Or simply wait until the migration is completed.

8. Update Your DNS For The New Server (WHM)

Switch the DNS to the new server as soon as possible after we complete your migration and you test each website. Until you migrate your DNS, visitors can still reach the source server, which will cause un-migrated email or databases changes.

If you plan properly plan, you should only need to make a few configuration changes for the necessary DNS changes.

Most customers change the IP addresses of name-servers to point to the new system. This methodonly requires a single change at the registrar level, rather than a change to each domain that you host.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of access do migrations require?

For WHM migration, you must possess root-level access on the source and target servers. Our migration scripts require root-level permissions on both servers.

For cPanel, all that is required would be:

  • the source cPanel account URL
  • the source cPanel account username
  • the source cPanel account password
  • the source cPanel account SSH port
  • adding & authorizing our SSH public key the source cPanel account (if needed)

How long will the migration take?

Due to network, hardware, and other variables outside of our control, we onlyestimate the duration of your migration. We will make the estimate after we copy some of the data.

Migrations may require additional time due to unforeseen circumstances.

Will you transfer my emails?

Yes. Migrations copy all account data (for example, website files, email, and databases).

However, we cannot migrate your Apache SpamAssassin configuration or your users' white-lists and blacklists.

Will you transfer my feature lists (WHM)?

No, we cannot transfer your feature lists.

Unless a feature list with the same name exists on the target server, the system will assign the users to the default feature list.

Can you perform another migration on my accounts to update the mail and data?

No, we will only perform one successful migration on any source.

How can I receive an alert after each account transfers to my server (WHM)?

For root-access migration, you can perform the following steps to enable notification for theAccount Creation alert type:

  1. Log in to WHM as the root user.
  2. Navigate to WHM's Contact Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> Server Contacts>> Contact Manager).
  3. Configure an email alert for the Account Creation alert type.

Or simply open a ticket if you unable to receive notifications so our team can configure this for you.

Do you prevent the receipt of email to the source server after you migrate the accounts?

No. Our migrations scripts do not stop any services.

Do you support Plesk automation?

No. Plesk Automation runs multiple services, such as DNS, Mail, and Apache, on different servers. In order for us to perform a migration, each account's services must run on a single source Plesk server.

Can manually created databases be copied?

No. The migration script only copies databases that a user created within the control panel.

What versions of PHP can you migrate?

EasyApache 4 currently supports the latest PHP versions. Older versions PHP are only be migrated if your current hosting account with us supports PHP Selector.

Do you have specific questions regarding your migration strategy?

Or is there any specific pain points that you want to address first? Our team of experts can help you get the answers you need in order to make decisions and move forward.

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