Web Hosting Magic Support Levels & Pricing

Web Hosting Magic offer different levels of technical support engineering to help customers operate their infrastructures in the cloud with cPanel & WHM. As a customer, you can choose a support tier that meets your specific requirements & budget.

How much does Web Hosting Magic Support cost?

Web Hosting Magic Support offers differing levels of service to align with your needs and budget.

Our service offers 3 level of support with a pre-sales basic:

  • Basic Support Plan at $0.00
  • Complimentary Support Plan at $0.00
  • Business/Priority Support Plan at $45.00 per month
  • Enterprise Support Plan at $499.00 per month

These options are available when placing a hosting order and afterwards via https://dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/cart.php?gid=addons.

Basic Support Plan

This is basically a support tier that covers everyone before and after sales.

Complimentary Support Plan

Every single customer with a valid hosting account has access to complimentary support.

We also send a form to you once your account is ready to select the first issue we can help you with.

The scope of the complimentary support only cover incidents that is determined to be related to cPanel or any third-party applications included with cPanel.

This includes upgrades and maintenance updates, support for billing inquiries, access to documentation, white papers, online best practices guides, community forums and "best effort" support for third-party applications we provide during our hours of operation.

We can transfer your web hosting from other host to our platform and can also help you transfer your domain to our domain services.

This tier does not cover website contents, graphics design, script customization, upgrading / updating scripts without our automation tools, web content transfers to other hosts, transferring domains to other domain registrars and such.

Business/Priority Support Plan

The Business/Priority Support level includes all the items in the Complimentary Support Plan level plus the following:

  • questions/support requests about products & services functionalities are accepted via our support center.
  • best practice guidance on how to architect with the products and services.
  • product and services errors troubleshooting and resolution.
  • access to an account manager as a designated contact.
  • support request target initial response time of 15 minutes (critical) - 4 hours (moderate) 24 hrs per day.

Enterprise Support Plan

The Enterprise Support Plan includes all the items in the Business/Priority and Complimentary level plus the following:

  • assist the customer in developing a cloud strategy with respect to the services we provide.
  • provide best practice advice regarding implementation and use of our services.
  • manage technical support escalations and coordinate with subject matter experts to address technical inquiries related to the services we provide.
  • ensure success in building and migrating applications, software and services on the Web Hosting Magic platform.
  • find the best solutions for your current business problems.
  • conduct architectural evaluation, analysis, and design of enterprise-wide systems.

Service Level Comparison

Self SupportEmail Subscription
FAQ and Document
Technical SupportCase Severity/Response TimeGeneral questions
3 tickets per quarter
Minor impact 6 h
General question 8 h
6 tickets per quarter
Business critical 15 m
Prod system down 40 m
Moderate impact 4 h
Minor impact 8 h
General question 8 h
Business critical 15 m
Prod system down 40 m
Moderate impact 4 h
Minor impact 8 h
General question 6 h
Service Availability24 x 7 Availability24 x 7 Availability24 x 7 Availability24 x 7 Availability
ApproachesTicketTicketTicketTicket, IM & Phone
Case HandlingCase HandlerCustomer Service Rep.Level I-II EngineerLevel III EngineerCloud Solution Architect
Premium SupportTechnical Account Manager
Business Account Manager
Infrastructure Event ManagementLimited
Third-party Software Support
Training and CertificationLimited
Architecture SupportLimited

How quickly will you fix my issue?

The first-time response time of the after-sales support team is based on the support plan that you choose and the type of ticket submitted.

It also depends on your issue.

The problems that application or service developers encounter vary widely, making it difficult to predict issue resolution times.

We can say, however, that we'll work closely with you and will use all reasonable efforts to provide an initial response within the following time frames.

How do I contact you?

If you are a paying customer with a valid account, you can open a web support case from our support center located at https://dashboard.webhostingmagic.com/submitticket.php.

If you have Business/Priority or Enterprise-level Support, you can request that Web Hosting Magic contact you at any convenient phone number or start a conversation with one of our engineers.

How and when does Support provide real-time assistance during chat and phone support cases?

If customers encounter issues after following our step-by-step documentation, they can provide details such as screen prints and logs through a support case.

For high-severity issues, Business/Priority or Enterprise-level customers can chat with or call support to receive help in real time.

In most scenarios, our support team provides detailed guidance through email.

If necessary, support will use our screen-sharing tool to remotely view the customer's screens to identify and troubleshoot problems.

This tool is view-only—Support cannot act on behalf of customers within the screen-share session.

Please note that the screen-share tool is not intended to assist with guiding customers through steps that are already documented.

For security reasons, our support team cannot join screen-share session hosted by other third-party tools.

Do you speak my language?

For now, Web Hosting Magic Support is available in English while we work to bring in engineers with additional language skills.

Limited Japanese support is provided under our Business/Priority or Enterprise-level and all Support inquiries will be sent to our Japanese Support team.

As a reseller, how do I offer support for my end customers' Web Hosting Magic-related issues?

If an issue is related to your Web Hosting Magic account, we'll be happy to help you.

For problems with a resource provisioned under their own accounts, your customers will need to contact us directly.

Due to security and privacy concerns we can only discuss specific details with the account holder of the resource in question.

How does Chat support work?

Live chat is mostly for sales and account issues that we can troubleshoot in less than 3 minutes.

For Technical Support, customers with valid account are expected to submit a ticket to get help from our engineers. By choosing the chat support icon in the Support Center, a chat session will be initiated through your browser.

The reason is simple.

Creating a ticket after logging in ties the request to your account which give our support team and you a history of the issues you have had which in turn aids us in resolving your issues quickly.

What if you can’t resolve my third-party software issue?

In the case that we are not able to resolve your issue we will collaborate with, or refer you to, the appropriate vendor support for that product.

In some cases you may need to have a support relationship with the vendor to receive support from them.

What are some of the most common reasons a customer might require third-party software support?

For Business/Priority or Enterprise-level, Web Hosting Magic Support can assist with installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of third-party software on the supported list.

For other more advanced topics such as performance tuning, troubleshooting of custom code or scripts, security questions, etc., please contact the third-party software provider directly.

While Web Hosting Magic Support will make every effort to assist, any assistance beyond installation, configuration, and basic troubleshooting of supported third-party software will be on a best-effort basis only.

Customer Support

Please submit a ticket through our client portal to contact us if you are already a customer.

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