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Get a secure site with Sitelock security. Harden your website security with a malware scanner, site scan and malware scanner with our cPanel hosting.

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Did you know that on an average, a website is attacked 44 times per day?

Why are these cyber-attacks happening and who is responsible?

Cyber criminals build bots that search the internet for websites with vulnerabilities that they can exploit.

Most sites receive an average of 152 million bot visits weekly.

Once the reconnaissance bot identifies a target, they use a variety of techniques to gain access to infect a site with malware and steal resources like bandwidth, website traffic, and customer data including email addresses.

No website is too small to be attacked.

In fact, the most common targets are blogs, small businesses, and non-profit sites.

As many as 18.5 million websites are infected with malicious content at any given moment!

Your website is important to your business’ success, so how can you avoid becoming one of these statistics?

SiteLock among others.

In a world full of cyber villains, you now can be the hero your website truly needs and we give you the tools you need to be just that.

By adding SiteLock, you will be able to shield your website or one that you manage for client from malicious traffic, sense malware even before it steps in and pro-actively smash it before it becomes a threat.

What is Sitelock Security?

SiteLock is a cloud-based security service that scans websites for malware and vulnerabilities.

SiteLock features include:

  • Site Scanning: gives website owners peace of mind by performing regular scans of websites to proactively detect malware, malicious code and vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and XSS attack vectors.
  • Automatic Malware Removal: when a website is infected, SiteLock's service will attempt to automatically remediate and remove the malware without any user involvement required.
  • Reputation Protection: actively monitors blacklists for websites it monitors to identify when sites are blacklisted by spam services or search engines.
  • SiteLock Trust Seal: designed to reassure visitors that the website is safe from threats.
  • Web Application Firewall: proactive protection against intrusions and attacks before they happen with the SiteLock WAF, available in the Defend plan.
  • Global CDN: improve site performance by distributing assets globally and serving them up to visitors from the closest locations automatically.

All these on top of our Cloudflare integration, internal security systems, malware scanners, firewalls and a host of others tools that are built into Web Hosting Magic hosting platform.

Sitelock pricing at Web Hosting Magic

SiteLock service access requirements varies and largely depend on the plan that a customer purchased.

SiteLock Lite & SiteLock Find

The SiteLock Lite and Find services perform remote vulnerability scanning only and do not require any direct access to the hosting account or files.

The only requirement for provisioning SiteLock Lite is a domain name. This can either be provided via the Domain field on the product itself, or by adding SiteLock Lite as an add-on to any hosting or reseller service subscription.

SiteLock Fix & SiteLock Emergency Response (911)

The SiteLock Fix and Emergency Response services in addition to vulnerability scanning requires file level access for automated fixing. This is made possible via FTP.

To provision SiteLock Fix, only a domain name is required.

When provisioned for your cPanel control panel, our billing system will attempt to automatically create a dedicated FTP account and provide the FTP credentials to SiteLock automatically.

Should this fail or should it be purchased separate from a hosting subscription, FTP details can be provided manually either by our billing team or via the SiteLock Control Panel directly.

SiteLock Defend

The SiteLock Defend service provides vulnerability scanning, automated fixing and WAF/CDN services.

The automated fixing requires FTP access as with SiteLock Fix & Emergency Response. In addition, SiteLock Defend also requires DNS record changes.

The exact DNS record changes that need to be performed vary depending on the service purchased and the setup of the domain.

The SiteLock Control Panel provides details about the required DNS changes once site ownership verification has been completed.

At this time, the DNS changes have to be performed manually by notifying our technical support team following completion of the ownership validation.

Do I need Sitelock?

Web Hosting Magic has a global hosting infrastructure that was designed to provide security through the entire hosting lifecycle.

Our infrastructure provides secure deployment of services, secure storage of data with end user privacy safeguards, secure communications between services, secure and private communication with customers over the internet, and safe operation by administrators.

The security of the infrastructure is designed in progressive layers starting from the physical security of data centers, continuing on to the security of the hardware and software that underlie the infrastructure, and finally, the technical constraints and processes in place to support operational security.

Most of what underpins these security systems are invincible to our customers, but there are always there.

However, security is never done and it is always something that you can use some more.

If you feel that your website needs an extra layer of security, w would be more delighted to work with you to make that happen.

SiteLock or Cloudflare are the easiest services that we provide that you can use to get started.

Just knowing that they are available when you need them, is comforting enough.

How To try the SiteLock service for free

Ordering SiteLock Lite via the Client Area

Within the client area, promotions for SiteLock Lite are displayed both on the client portal homepage and when viewing any applicable service to which the SiteLock add-on is assigned but has not yet been provisioned for.

Please note that SiteLock Lite is only available to purchase as part of our hosting packages and therefore not displayed on the SiteLock landing page.

You can order the service during your hosting order initial configuration.

Once the service has provisioned successfully, you will get a link that you can click the Login to SiteLock Control Panel button to login and begin using the service.

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