Find Your cPanel Username And Password

Learn how to find cPanel username and password that was created when your hosting account was first deployed so you can login to cPanel and manage all aspects of your website.

What is my cPanel username?

A cPanel account is often created by the server root user or the reseller who owns the cPanel account when setting up the account the first time.

Your cPanel username is not the email you used to sign up for the hosting account nor does cPanel Inc have anything to do with it.

Each cPanel username is unique, often contains 16 characters or fewer and doesn't start with a number.

More often than not, your web hosting provider or cPanel reseller will derive the cPanel username from the domain name that was used to order the web hosting account.

So if the domain name is "", the cPanel username may be something like "nicedog" or even "nicedogg".

To find your cPanel username, you can either:

  • look for the hosting account information email that we or our reseller or your hosting provider sent to you when your account was first provisioned. It definitely will contain your cPanel username, password and every other information you might need. You may need to look in your spam folder if you haven't whitelisted our email addresses or domain name.
  • contact our support team (or your web hosting provider's) so your cPanel credentials can be resent if you are unable to find it.

When using cPanel as your control panel, you can access the cPanel interface to manage most aspects of your website.

Looking for your cPanel login and a Web Hosting Magic customer?

Just our support desk submit a ticket to the account team so these can be resent to you.

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