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Here are 7 reasons why WHMCS is the best billing system solution for resellers. Promotional WHMCS license pricing with 100% FREE WHMCS installation provided.

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You may remember not so long ago when the Internet is seen as an outlier.

Today, there is no aspect of human society that has not been touched, transformed and tech-structured by internet technology.

And this trend will accelerate as more and more services (and even our interaction with each other) goes online.

So you can conclusively say that the virtual world has come to stay, and unless our world suddenly suffers an unrecoverable catastrophe, doing things online will remain an integral part of human existence.

This has accelerated over the past 3 months with the advent of social distancing forced on us by what is going on around the world.

Events like this will become one of the features that defines our existence as humans on earth.

But where there is chaos; opportunities abound.

Take an example of when Bitcoin first came into our awareness.

The unprepared either dismissed it or ignored it.

But for those that are always at the precipice of great discovery, they saw it as a transformative tool that will change what money is.

And events has proven them right.

You are reading this because you may be one of those rare breeds who recognizes an opportunity when it presents itself.

You are here perhaps because you are the kind of person who makes the leap before others, and thus can take the greater glory.

These are great qualities to have.

Even at these unprecedented times, you know that it is a time to grow, to expand and to do things ... differently.

And that means you are looking for a solution that will effectively deliver the result you need.

Imagine that one of the things you want to do either as freelancer, web designer, web developer is to sell your services.

You will need a need a time-tested management and billing software specifically designed for web hosting, Internet service provider (ISP) and wireless Internet service provider (WISP) industries capable of automating all aspects of your web hosting business.

And that billing software is WHMCS.

From setting up a digital product that you sell, to the entire customer life cycle (account provisioning, hosting account creation, hosting account suspension, hosting account modification and termination of an existing hosting account), WHMCS automates everything so you can save tons of valuable time and money.

No other billing software comes close to providing the features, flexibility, and functionality that WHMCS offers.

No wonder it's number one billing system by hosting companies, web agencies and hosting resellers.

Invoicing and Billing

When it comes to billing, WHMCS takes care of generating invoices, collecting payments, creating promo codes, capturing payments for subscription-based services, processing refunds directly from invoices and automating payment dispute handling while you focus on growing your business.

And more, WHMCS works with all major payment gateways and even accept offline payments such as checks and mail-in payments too.

Domain Reselling Made Easy

WHMCS comes with comprehensive domain management tools for domain name registrations, domain name renewals, domain name transfers, DNS control, WHOIS Info management, intelligent domain name suggestions and more.

And more, you really don't have to worry about spending tons of money paying a domain registrar to resell domains. Once you sign up for our reseller account, you get access to over 450 different TLDs.

Native cPanel Integration

With its integration with cPanel, WHMCS gives your customers a seamless user experience between the control panel, billing and support. It is simply the easiest way to create web hosting accounts with cPanel & the easiest way to run a cPanel web hosting business.

And as you grow from a a single server to a fleet of servers, WHMCS makes it super-easy to manage every single one of these in one place.

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Ultimate Customer Support

WHMCs come with all the tools you need to support your customers built-in.

With an integrated support tools that give you and your team a client portal complete with ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads and more, you have everything needed to provide that awesome customer support.

Affordable High-Quality Software

There are other billing systems out there designed to sell web hosting, but none come close to the cost-effectiveness of WHMCS pricing given the tons of features that it packs.

WHMCS is designed for a freelancer with a couple of clients or a global web hosting company with millions of users.

Incredible WHMCS Support

It is not only that the WHMCS team made their documentation so easy to understand and use, but it is also that you are not charged a dime for any support you need.

Once you are a valid WHMCS license holder, you will get the same quality and consistent customer support 24/7, come rain or shine.

Extensible and Customizable

Beyond its developer-friendly open-source templates, modular architecture & powerful API that makes customizing, integrating and extending WHMCS a breeze, WHMCS has tons of apps and themes you can use to change the look and feel of WHMCS to make WHMCS your own.

We recently teamed up with WHMCS to provide you a license either as an add-on to your existing services with us or at a promotional price to new customers.

Getting your WHMCS license from us means providing you with a solution guaranteed to save you and your team time, money, and 24/7 priority help when you need it.

Our WHMCS services come with 100% FREE WHMCS installation and optional affordable initial system setup and security hardening.

To sweeten the deal, we are giving out 20 WHMCS Plus licenses at $15.00 per month instead of the usual $18.50.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, click in the button below. You can also subscribe to one of our low-cost cPanel reseller hosting packages during checkout.

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